At the University of Arizona’s new School of Information we have faculty and students engaged in research and education around all aspects of the information sciences without regard for disciplinary boundaries. We do research in: artificial intelligence; data management and curation; computer vision; computer-mediated communication and learning; natural language processing; social networking; human computer interfaces; dark networks; computational art creation; eCommerce, eGovernment, and eHealth; computational music; library sciences; educational and entertainment technologies; and much more.

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iSchool News

UA School of Information Planning Symposium
Ed Cortez: Director of University of Tennessee’s School of Information Sciences Dr. Edwin Cortez has been a member of the University’s faculty since... read more


School of Information

The University of Arizona School of Information

As the result of many years of effort by many people, SIRLS has taken a big step toward becoming a School of Information. Last week, the University of Arizona faculty senate approved a merger between SIRLS and the School of Information,... read more

School of Information Announcement

The University of Arizona Creates School of Information

The University of Arizona is poised to become a leader in the rapidly growing field of information science with the opening of the new School of Information. Capitalizing on already strong programs in... read more

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